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Simplified Underwriting

What is Simplified Underwriting? If you have a healthy client, who has excellent medical history, no medications, they can qualify for Simplified DI Underwriting:

Sell DI where you need:

  • No Exam
  • No Income Doc
  • No Telephone Interview
  • No APS's

Open the link to read more, and get all the details from the tow carriers noted:


Term Care

Long-Term Care is probably not for everyone, but if you are close to retirement or have familymembers..

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Individual Disability Insurance

Simply put, individual disability insurance protects your income. An Individual Disability Insurance policy.

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"You guys have cut my long term care insurance premium to half. I couldn't have asked for a better deal!"
- Jenny Smith, NJ.

"You just saved me 30% on my total disability insurance. Thank you!"
- Paul Johnson, NJ.

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